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Crescent Heights Social Justice & S.T.E.A.M. Magnet Elementary School

Our vision at Crescent Heights Magnet is to empower students to create change within their environment and world.

Our mission is to empower students to be Innovators and Agents of Change in our global society. We will provide learning environments that equip students to face social, environmental, and technological challenges of tomorrow’s world.  Crescent Heights Magnet develops students’ curiosity and motivation through hands-on investigations and the arts.

Our school is unique. Really. There is not another elementary magnet with a social justice theme within 1000 elementary schools listed in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Crescent Heights is nestled in a cute, quaint, and quiet community called Faircrest Heights. Diversity is our calling card, and respectfully treating others (gender, ethnicity, race, and culture) and the planet is our focus: our kids study the Golden Rule, social justice activists, the Human Rights, focus on one of the 17 global goals established by the UN at each grade level, and analyze current events appropriate to the student's age. Science is a human endeavor!

Our students are being groomed to be the movers and shakers of the 21st century. Students at each grade level can explain our theme. We are always looking for opportunities to teach across the curriculum embedding Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics with Social Justice while ensuring equitable learning: one on one devices, culturally relevant strategies, and honoring differences with diversity.  We believe that ALL students can succeed and develop a growth mindset. Additionally we offer special classes like Coding (programming), Robotics, Young Story Tellers, UCLA BEAM/Science Club, Inner City Arts, Reading Partners, Share and Care, and Healthy Habits from Cedars Sinai.

Each grade level prepares students to be able, in 5th grade, to write a report and present the result of a group action project meant to solve a current problem in our society. This presentation would reflect the mastery of Common Core Standards, NGSS science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts as well as the 21st Century Skills.