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Crescent Heights Language Arts Social Justice Magnet

Our school is unique. Really. There is not another Social Justice Magnet within the over 1000 schools listed in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is nestled in a cute, quaint, and quiet community called Faircrest Heights. Diversity is our calling card, but treating others (individuals and groups of people) is our focus.

Our students are being groomed to be the movers and shakers of the 21st century. We spend hours and hours laying down the foundational skills of reading, math, history, and science. We, then, are more than mindful to never leave out health, arts, and physical education.  Then we sprinkle in special classes like French, drama, ballroom and modern dance. Topping it all off with "Action Projects" seeking to make the world we live in a better place. This has been our recipe for success since 2009, and yes, we continue to climb...To new heights...Crescent Heights!